since you obviously want nothing to do with me, i thought i’d break up with you. i’d love to do it in person the right way but you’d probably just make plans with someone else or ‘forget’ and ditch me like you have been recently. you make no effort to communicate with me by your own will, or even see me, its been 3 fucking weeks and i would have been more than willing to hang whenever. communicating with me or trying to hang out with me isn’t even being spontaneous, its what friends do, and especially what couples do. i never even had a problem with your work schedule and how busy you were, but before we started dating and for the first few weeks of our pathetic relationship you used to talk to me on your own will, and you used to be affection towards me. you were never too busy to talk to me. im a human being and i need to be loved, i need attention, and i need sex. and a healthy couple would give at least 2 of those if they actually gave a fuck about eachother. i wasn’t even out to fuck you. i would have loved to fuck you if you showed the slighest shred of affection to me. i love you, or maybe i loved the old you, but i have self respect and i’m not going to sit around making an effort and getting my hopes up with someone who doesn’t even want to fucking hang out with their boyfriend on valentines day of all fucking days. i even painted you a fucking homemade valentines day card. it was pretty cute. more wasted time. maybe i picked a bad time to ask you out but you shouldn’t have said yes. i probably would have actually understood why. and whats the shittiest is the fact that you haven’t even tried to break up with me or express any kind of serious dissatisfaction with me. I have no clue what the fuck i did to you to deserve this but i can’t be your boyfriend anymore, or whatever i was, or even your friend, because you are the last type of person i would want to be friends with. you dont’ deserve me, because i gave a shit, and you’re fucking ungrateful. thus i don’t deserve you.


This woman on the red line sat next to me and handed me an iphone and headphones and told me to listen to a song because I looked intelligent enough to understand it, so I listened to it and it was a song about pollution and government flaws of the us. After listening to it we talked about how she was from Sweden and how she likes life in the states. Friendly strangers are the coolest.